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Mindcraft – Erasmus+ training course

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Welcome to Mindcraft – Reconnecting to creative source through manual arts and body expression

Here you can find stories and results from our past projects & invitations for planned ones, inspiring resources and materials to the topic of embodied practices, pictures, videos and more.


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The project ”Mindcraft“ was a seven days training course in the frame of Erasmus+ program that took place in Italy, from 20th to 28th of September 2021.

Within this project we explored the applicability of creative handcraft as an innovative methodology in youth organizations, also when working with youngsters with fewer opportunities.
The aim of “Mindcraft” was to promote manual arts and kinesthetic learning as impactful methodologies in youth work and to develop practices enhancing the connection between mind, emotions and the act of expressing what is within us.
During Mindcraft we got in touch (literally) with body awareness and expression, clay modeling, paper puppetry, land art, introduction to wood crafting.
The training has been designed for youth workers, trainers, educators, volunteers who want to work with people through experiential and embodied methodologies, and generally for people who were willing and committing to:
– move, experiment, try, get in touch, push and be pushed, with care for themselves and others
– be open and adaptable to live and work in a creative open space as a community of art researchers
– gather inspiration on how to use manual arts methodologies to foster self development and social skills
– acquire new tools and inspirations for their work and activities with youngsters
The training course was hosted in Padova (Italy), in NEST, a space for creative and artistic research which offer multiple opportunities for movement exploration as well for crafting: a large dancefloor, aerial riggings for circus activities, tatami and gym mattresses, a workshop area with tables, tools, shelves. Meals have been cooked by our veggie-chefs and enjoyed on site.


During this training course we did:
– Live as a community of artists/students, taking care of the venue, animating workshops, participating to jams of contact improvisation and acroyoga, welcoming local practitioners to share skills, enthusiasm and practice.
– Use creative design and handcraft method and its philosophy as an innovative and useful tool in youth work, regarding its broad potential from the artistic, pedagogical and social and therapeutic point of few, provide concrete tools/exercises that youth workers/facilitators/educators can use for their projects and workshops
– Educate people with an alternative non verbal language as a channel for communication, learning a holistic way of listening/communicating to oneself and others and putting emphasis on learning through the hands (perceiving body and mind as equal channels for learning and experiencing and balancing them)
– Contribute in a practical way to consider and spread cultural backgrounds, reinforcing the feeling of multicultural identity free from stereotypes and prejudice.
– Create an international network of organizations that want to work with Creative craft tools as a resource in their future projects (on the local and international level).


Sara Celeghin is a wood sculptor, actress and puppeteer. She develops local and international projects that mix art with social topics. She works with partner acrobatic, aerial silks, body expression, drawing, improvisation and theater as tools to overcome limits and explore human potential through embodied processes.
Antonio Cargnello 
Antonio is a passionate trainer who loves to craft experiences for self development, group awareness, creative expression and pursuit of a wise and joyful freedom. He facilitates workshops for teenagers, students, youth workers and adults, using and mixing his expertise and experiences from theatrical improvisation, contemporary dance, martial arts and contact improvisation.
Gemma Paganelli, bachelor of arts, works as dancer, movement teacher and educator using non-formal learning and holistic methods, creating space for new approaches to movement, creativity and self-development. In this project she will lead practices of emotional movement, learning to recognize and deal with emotion, leading self- development through embodiment and deep listening sessions.


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This program helped me understand and clarify what I would really like to transmit and encourage in others : imagination, creativity, taking initiative, connection and exploration. I learnt how these enriching tools for life can be developed through manual and creative activities, through letting the hands and heart decide, not always the head.” Sarah (Spain)

“Mindcraft was an inspiration box, we worked with our bodies, hands, using different technics. I developed my current skills, discovered new possibilities and interests. What is more I felt we all are the team, together.” Izabela (Poland)

“Mindcraft was a safe space where pure energy, love, creativity and collectivity run through me all day and all night long. I could be anything I wanted, supported and loved.” Sofia (Greece)

“After very stressful September at work that exhausted me mentally and physically, altough it was an active training course, I was able to rest actively, to remember what I like in education, to remind myself who am I, and that me grumpy, tired, and frustrated creature it is not the real person, but the facade I take on when my everyday life and job do not flow with my core values and self-care. Suddenly I was joking around, being out there as smiling and creative being, while It was hard to imagine the whole past month. So I’m coming back grounded and with new energy to start all over again and again 🙂 I also strengthened my sense of setting boundaries for what it doesn’t serve me. I feel inspired by new tools and boosted with those I knew, but that I have put aside on my youth worker path.” Paulina (Poland)

Upon a special journey, I met my self in a simple and true way….  humble personalities guide us with sophisticated music, amazing creations, sacred songs, delicious food and warm company!!!  Kindness, knowledge, intuition and hospitality were there every day on the table!!!” Nichol (Italy)

“Mindcraft showed me the entrance for a fantastic world to enjoy alone or in company, to which I will have from now on always access to – Thank you !” Lina (Germany)

“My chest is more open. I’m feeling I’m breathing better (that’s not only a physical thing). This new little kick on creativity gives me new solutions to afford “the normal life” Damiano (Italy)

“It was my best ”youth” project so far. I really liked all the activities and organizers really created safe place for all group members to connect, not only with words but trough movement, touch, etc. I really liked food and was very impressed by the place, although i missed nature little bit.” Lara (Slovenia)




Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It runs for seven years, from 2014 to 2020, with organisations invited to apply for funding each year to undertake creative and worthwhile activities.

Erasmus+ aims to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe. It is open to education, training, youth and sport organisations across all sectors of lifelong learning, including school education, further and higher education, adult education and the youth sector. It offers exciting opportunities to study, work, volunteer, teach and train abroad.

For more information about the programme please visit the official website.


The Youthpass certificate helps to document the development of competences, as well as to confirm participation and describe the respective project. An essential part of the initiative is attention to the planning of the learning process and reflection upon the participants’ personal learning outcomes. As a strategy, it aims at fostering the recognition of non-formal learning and youth work.

The main ideas behind Youthpass are to enhance reflection on learning and competence development in youth work, receive greater recognition of youth work throughout Europe, support the employability of young people and youth workers, and promote active participation of young people.

For more information about Youthpass please visit the official website.