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Embodied Community – Travel


The course will happen in Centro Didattico Ambientale – Valpore, in the north of Italy.

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Days and times:

The course starts on the 1st of July with the dinner around 8pm. The course ends on the 10th in the morning.

It is important for the whole group to be present for the whole time because of the programme and logistics.

There will be a bus arranged for the whole group from Venice on the 1st of July leaving at 5pm from Venezia Mestre Railstation to Valpore with stops at Venice airport and Treviso airport. On the 10th the bus will take you back after breakfast (8.30 – 9am departure from Valpore).

The bus journey from Venice (and back on the last day) takes around 3 hours, so plan your arrival and departure accordingly (see below).

How to travel:

The suggested and easiest way is:

  • To arrive at Venice airport or Treviso airport before 4pm on the 1st of July.
  • To depart from one of the airports after 1pm on the 10th of July.

This way you can easily catch our bus on the 1st at 5pm from Venezia Mestre Railstation (with later stops at Venice Marco Polo airport and Treviso airport) and also comfortably depart on the 10th.

Don’t plan your departure later than on the 11th July. If you stay longer there can be a problem with reimbursement of your travel costs because of the rules of Erasmus+ programme.


If you don’t want to wait at the airport for our bus:

Local transport from Venice Marco Polo airport to Mestre Railstation: schedule >>

Local transport from Treviso airport to Mestre Railstation: schedule >>


It is not easy to reach Valpore, so we really recommend following these instructions. In case you decide to travel in different times we may not be able to fully support you and you will have to arrange things for yourself.


Your travel details:

Please fill this form to help us with travel arrangements:

Travel costs

This course is funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme. According to the rules we can cover your travel costs up to the following amounts:

Italy: no funding
Liechtenstein, Slovenia: 180€
Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Latvia: 275€