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Erasmus+ Training course

1 - 10 September 2022
Dolcé (VR) - Italy

Why BeWell?

The training course has been a space where participants were guided and invited to be active and authentic, to connect the mind with emotions and body, to take challenges, to explore openness and vulnerability in order to find their inner strength, to develop empathy, to cultivate their inspiring and transforming presence in the community.
Especially in current times the topic of mental health is crucial to be targeted. The main aim of “BeWell” was to help youth workers to grow solid roots of wellness, prevent occupational burnout and its effects in forms of depression or anxiety. Our aim was to show youth workers how to care about themselves, their mental health, how to prioritize their health from other tasks and how to teach it to the youth they work with.

Few words from participants

Everywhere I go, I talk about this training to the people who could be interested. My speech starts always like this: I experienced probably best 10 days in my life on short Erasmus in Italian mountains. I never had a feeling of being so connected, loved, as if those people were my best possible family. 
Jozef Hudy


A fantastic experience in which I discovered many things about myself, my interaction with other people and nature. I was also given many valuable tools that I would like to apply to my personal life and work.
Marianna Rentoumi


Harmony, feeling connected and motivated, releasing emotions.. Taking the look inside yourself. Meeting others on a deeper level. Feeling like home, learning in safe space. Very much needed, recommend it to everybody.
Ajka Stindlova


For me it was a renewing experience as I was feeling stuck in my life, both emotionally and mentally. I was so disconnected with myself, at the beginning. I found at the BeWell TC a place where I could reconnect with myself again, with others and even with life.
The food was totally delicious! Also the magic that Gemmas has inside, I think it was into her food too. I want to remark here that the circle of women that she facilitated was powerful and very inspiring, she created an epic atmosphere and a safe space for all of us.
Lorena Chamorro Ramiro


It was truly moving for me and my internal self. I had such a good, warm feeling when I let my real self come out to the surface and it was liberating and unique. It was making me feel present, which I was striving for so long. A true, big, thank you.

Yordan Kolev

The specific program was a special experience for me, as it allowed me to let go of expectations and freely receive and give love and care. I was more present in the moment and focused on that, rather than everything else I do in my daily life. I learned several exercises that will help me to be more calm and positive in my everyday life. I also spent a lot of time in nature, something I had been missing, which inspired me to start learning English again after 15 years. Upon my return to Greece, I was motivated to continue my English studies.
Theodoros Kepas


It was just amazing, I didn’t expect this training course to be that intense. I Loved how the trainers manage to connect the group and create an atmosphere of trust and freedom. I feel that I gained so much, I took the mindfulness to next level and I can’t wait to see how the lesson I have learned will affect my life. 
Grzegorz Dabrowski 


– Somatic and kinesthetic learning, holistic based education and body expression

– Connection with inner and outer nature,  nature as an inspiration for our lives

– Mindfulness, Emotional and Stress management techniques

– Creative expression, cultivating the deep imagination

– Movement and contact improvisation

– Organisation and planning skills


Main topics

– Vulnerability: connecting with our inner self, beyond daily masks and armors

– Body-mind connection: learning through embodiment of concepts, attitudes, qualities

– Creativity: encouraging body and mind to explore and express the inner beauty waiting to be awakened

– Connection, inclusion and transformation: cultivating empathy and carefulness towards others and environment, becoming a source of positive transformation for the community

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Who was this training for?

This training has been designed for youth workers, trainers, educators, NGO leaders, and more generally for people who have been willing to:

- explore the expressive potential of the body through contact improvisation and dance
- develop a strong presence through performative arts
- spend time outdoor for physical activities, no matter the weather 🙂
- foster their sense of community through ritual based practices
- gather new tools and inspirations  for their work and activities with youngsters

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Who did apply?

We had 28 participants from Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia & Greece.


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Antonio Cargnello

Antonio is a passionate trainer who loves to craft experiences for self development, group awareness, creative expression and pursuit of a wise and joyful freedom. He facilitates workshops for teenagers, students, youth workers and adults, using and mixing his expertise and experiences from theatrical improvisation, contemporary dance, martial arts and contact improvisation.

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Filip Kňažek

Trainer, facilitator, lecturer, volunteer already 6 years in non-formal education enviroment. Focuses on topics of personal developement, communication, self-love, trust, emotions and behavioural patterns

For further information or questions: info@teatroinvisibile.it