Teatro Invisibile

Integration Map – Practicalities




We will have 3 big rooms:

  • 1 with 4 bunk beds (8 places)
  • 1 with 4 bunk beds and 4 beds (12 places),
  • 1 with 3 bunk beds and one bed (7 places).

IMPORTANT: The organization of the venue, due to Covid situation, do not supply anymore blankets .
Participants must bring their own sleeping bag, as well as pillowcase (in order to receive the pillow from the host). Please, take this as another invitation to adaptation and adventure provided by the pandemic.


Precise informations about travels and arrangements to reach the venue will be provided to the selected participants.



https://valpore.org/vacanze-a-valpore/regolamento/ (IT with some basics in EN)

google translation to EN >>


Please, read carefully this pdf



The venue is at 1200m above sea level. Despite the summer season, it may turn very cold, especially at night. Bring warm clothes, jacket, good shoes for hiking and all your usual things for a course based on outdoor activities.


Health insurance will NOT be provided or reimbursed by the mobility organizers. However, it is a mandatory requirement for all participants to provide their own health insurance. This should cover you for the full duration of your time in Italy.

If you are an EU resident, you can use the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to allow you access to public hospital treatment. Having this card means you may be able to receive free medical treatment in the event of an emergency, but it is NOT guaranteed. Also, please be aware that the EHIC is NOT a travel insurance policy, it will not cover private health care,non-emergency health costs, or being flown back to your home country.

To learn more, please go to ehic.europa.eu



The meals will be mainly vegans. In case of specific needs please take all the necessary things with you, because we will be quite isolated in the mountains.

Important: Only certified food allergies will be taken in consideration by the cooks (selected participants will be requested to provide by email the certification). 



Basically the only money you need for the time of the course is the participants fee. There is no cash machine anywhere near around. Also there is no place to shop. We wil send you the travel reimbursement via bank transfer after the course based on your original tickets.



There is very weak mobile phone signal in the area, no Internet connection.



We will have mainly outdoor sessions and activities. Rain will not be an obstacle to our being in the woods. Be prepared to move and be in contact with ground as well (comfy clothes, something that may, and will, get dirty, better if they can dry quickly). A little torch light might be helpful (head torch ideally), and a whistle is recommended.

Bring what serves your needs and basic comfort, besides that:”Be simple (and light)”.

Here you have some pictures from the previous project, just to have a glimpse of how our body and bodies will be invited (or inspired) to break some conventional patterns of behavior, movement, relations, communication: https://www.teatroinvisibile.it/embodied-community-erasmus-training-course-a-valpore/