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Steps to Connection

Erasmus+ Training course

1 - 10 August 2022
Stará Lesná, Vysoké Tatry - Slovakia


Everything in nature is interconnected


The plant is dependent on how tall the tree grows, in order to get enough sunlight; the mushrooms is co-dependent from the tree and its nutrients and in return takes and sucks all toxins from the tree trunk and roots; the fox that hunts little mouse relies on its speed, though cannot go under the ground where the mice find shelter; the flower depends on the bee to take its seeds and helps it to disseminate, while reciprocally the bee take the nutrients from the flowers pollen.

The same is with our society and communities. People are interconnected with each other and as a part of it, with nature as well. We influence our environment and the environment has a huge impact on us. How to use it least harmful and most effectively?

Many issues of modern society are arising due to people becoming increasingly isolated and disconnected from themselves (their inner natures), from one another and from nature itself. 22% of the EU population were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2020.  With the covid-19 pandemics and current war situation the percentage  is even higher.

What can we do with it? How can youth workers, trainers, educators, teachers, facilitators or community leaders support young people to be more inclusive, open-minded,  resilient and proactive in their lives?

Steps to connection training course is a 8-day long exploration journey which aims to find some answers to these questions. We aim to equip our participants to support the authentic growth of all young people and build more open, inclusive and inspiring communities. By stepping out of their comfort zone participants will reconnect with their inner self, body, mind and emotions, with nature and others and learn to cultivate trust, vulnerability, acceptance, empathy and connection.


– Way of council

– Community building by Scott Peck


– Wanders

– Sensorial explorations

– Connection with inner and outer nature, seeing nature as an inspiration for our lives


– Poetical and creative expression

– Authentic movement

– Speaking, listening, looking and acting from and through the heart



– Rooting the learning, body wisdom

– Contact improvisation to experience co-existence in co-precarity

– Body expression and celebration


Emotional intelligence

– The colors of expression through a playful freedom

– Stress release practices

– The wide spectrum of mindfulness




Before applying please read all this information


Arrival day is 1st of August, departure will be the 10th in the morning.


Penzión Bernard is located in the very beautiful national park of Slovakia - The High Tatras, with the highest peak Gerlachovský štít, 2565 metres above see, visible from our venue. The venue is very family-like, a cottage with beautiful environment all around


- 2/3 bedded rooms
- garden and forest nearby
- vegetarian home-cooked food
- beautiful slovak nature in the most-known national park High Tatras


The delicious food will be vegan/vegetarian, prepared with love and care by our cooks. In order to provide and keep a safe and focused atmosphere for everybody we invite you to agree with an alcohol/drugs-free policy during the whole training course.


We recommend all participants to use sustainable and eco-friendly ways of travelling such as sharing cars together or travel with trains/ buses. if the green travel is not used, reimbursement limits are lower- 320€ > 275 €; 210€ > 180€; 23€ > 20 €

In case you will come by car, a refundable deposit of 50 € will be asked from you till 30th June (from each person in the car), to ensure you are coming and once you are at the venue Stará Lesná, you will be given it back.


The travel costs of the participants will be refunded after the training course usually within 6 - 8 weeks (after participants send all their travel documents and fulfill closing tasks for the project including dissemination).

According to the rules of the Erasmus+ programme you can get your travel costs reimbursed up to the amount stated in the slide before, depending on the place you are travelling from and its distance. If your travel costs are lower or the same as this amount, you can get reimbursement of 100% of your real travel costs. If your travel costs are higher than the maximum reimbursable amount, the difference is covered by you. We recommend looking for your tickets as soon as you receive the confirmation letter, since they are often much cheaper when bought in advance. Though we need to approve them before you pay for them (see slide above).

To be eligible for reimbursement, we ask you to keep all your tickets, boarding passes and invoices (originals).
We will only reimburse your travel cost if you participate in all parts of the training course (preliminary part, training course, follow-up).



Filip Kňažek

Trainer and facilitator, who loves to encourage and dare participants to get to know themselves better by going out of their comfort zones, to know their limits and grow through it. He likes combining techniques from psychology, effective communication, mindfulness, stress management, proces-oriented therapy, shin-rin yoku and embodiment. Filip loves to work with groups, learn with and from people and explore their uniqueness and interactions. Filip is working with young people and youthworkers in the NGO field, public, but also university employees and students.


Antonio Cargnello

Antonio is a passionate trainer who loves to craft experiences for self development, group awareness, creative expression and pursuit of a wise and joyful freedom. He facilitates workshops for teenagers, students, youth workers and adults, using and mixing his expertise and experiences from theatrical improvisation, contemporary dance, martial arts and contact improvisation.