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Erasmus+ Training course

22 November - 1 December 2022
Sattenhausen - Germany

Metamorphose - Language without words

The project ”Metamorphose“ is an eight days training course for trauma sensitive creative work  that will take place in Germany, from 22th to 30th of November 2022. The approach of the training is based on experiential and somatic learning.

Metamorphosis is an invitation to step into a creative field in order to explore and express yourself  with the support and inspiration provided by a community-based process.

Diving into the unknown, finding new treasures within and bringing them into expression. We will co-create a safe and encouraging space in which we dare to tap into a transformational field and celebrate each other.       


Working methods

During our time together we will dance, dive into the inner landscapes of our bodies, stretching out our comfort zones, discovering hidden potentials and empowering each other. We will co-create a communal creative field, in which everybody is invited to share their ideas, inspirations and add their unique flavor. 

The main focus of the course is on performative work. Dance improvisation, theatre and  somatic work are underpinned by basic knowledge of trauma. The independent development and showings of performative fragments will be an important part, as well as introspection in nature, meditation and time for integration, relaxation and personal sharing. We will be: 

– Exploring the creative potential of the body through dance improvisation, somatic methods and theatre

– Learning creative tools how develop of a resource-oriented performance

– Learning about the trauma research of Peter Levine 

– Exploring techniques for self- regulation/ stress reduction (yoga, mindfulness and meditation)


The structure of the training

The 8 days of training will be structured in the following way:

The first 4 days will be dedicated to create a safe and joyous atmosphere in the group in order to dive into the theme of the training, through somatic approach, embodied based learning, activities based on creative expression, theoretical inputs.

The 5th day will be about digestion, elaboration and integration of the experiences crossed so far, as well as about envisioning and planning the work for the days ahead.

In the 6th and 7th days participants will be engaged in an (even more) active role. Elaborating information… to shape a form, in order to perform the essence.

Last day will be dedicated to the harvest of learnings and to the celebration of the ending


Who is this training for?

This training is designed for youth workers, trainers, educators, NGO leaders, and more generally for people who are willing to:

- Get involved in the creative process of developing a resources oriented performance

– Learn about trauma, its causes and manifestations as well as its handling

– Engage in an experience based learning process which involves a holistic examination of oneself

- explore the expressive potential of the body through contact improvisation and dance

- develop a strong presence through performative arts

- foster their sense of community

- gather new tools and inspirations  for their work and activities with youngsters

Who can apply?

The training is designed for youth workers, volunteers and those who work with other people. It aims to refresh skills and attitudes to our daily work as well as our personal lives and to the greater world.

We aim to have an overall of 28 participants from  Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Latvia, Greece.

Participants must be over 18 and have a communicative level of English language, so they can participate fully in the program.

We expect you to participate in the whole program. It means coming later or leaving earlier is not allowed. Also prepare for an intensive experience with at least 6 hours of program everyday!


Before applying please read all this information


Arrival day is 21th of November, departure will be the 1st of December.


The training course will take place from 21th of November to 1th of December (travel days included) in the small village of Sattenhausen in the center of Germany. We will be accommodated in a half-timbered house with modern, simple equipment and  shared rooms with bunk beds.

The village is surrounded by a lush forest and field landscape that will allow us to revitalize our bodies and spirits and is a source of inspiration and stillness.

Venue: http://sattenhausen.de/freizeitheim.html


The delicious food will be vegan/vegetarian, prepared with love and care by our cooks. In order to provide and keep a safe and focused atmosphere for everybody we invite you to agree with an alcohol/drugs-free policy during the whole training course.


More detailed information about the travel reimbursement will be provided to selected participants and will be assisted by the project coordinator.

The travel costs of the participants will be refunded after the training course usually within 6 - 8 weeks (after participants send all their travel documents and fulfill closing tasks for the project including dissemination).

We highly encourage and support participants to plan Green travel (train, carpooling, bus).

Maximum amounts:
Germany: 20€
Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Spain & Greece: 275€


Participation contribution: we offer the opportunity to self assess your contribution in a sliding scale between 70 - 150 euro (to be paid in cash upon arrival). Considering the participation to 8 full days of activities, please choose an amount that responds to your personal possibilities and that matches the values of balance and reciprocity.


2022-06-24 13.44.53

Caroline Asal

As a cultural pedagogue, dance and yoga teacher she is working with kids, teenagers, young adults and seniors in order to support them to get in contact with themselves and their vitality. Body awareness, authentic ways of expression and emotional work is the main focus of her work. Strongly inspired by rituals of indigenous people, she loves to create and facilitate community based rituals in order to awake awareness, connection  and authentic expression.


Antonio Cargnello

Antonio is a passionate trainer who loves to craft experiences for self development, group awareness, creative expression and pursuit of a wise and joyful freedom. He facilitates workshops for teenagers, students, youth workers and adults, using and mixing his expertise and experiences from theatrical improvisation, contemporary dance, martial arts and contact improvisation.

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Franziska Gerth

Franziska is discovering dancing and movement as a way of activism, since more than 5 years. The work she facilitates is made to bring us beyond the borders we think we have, to connect with the subconscious and express freely our ur inside out. She mixes her experiences from Butoh, Contemporary Dance and Continuum.


For further information or questions: embodiedjourney@gmail.com